Use Able in a Sentence – How to use “Able” in a sentence


Use Able in a sentence. How to use the word Able in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Able. Sentence for Able.

Use Able in a Sentence - How to use "Able" in a sentence


Definition of Able

  1. Having the power or whatever is needed to do something
  2. Skillful; competent

Examples of Able in a sentence

  1. A race horse is able to run fast.
  2. an able surgeon.
  3. an able performance.
  4. While the syntax of continental Celtic, or Gaulish, does not seem much different from that of the other Indo-European languages, as far as we are able to judge from the few inscriptions, the general character of insular Celtic seems completely different.
  5. Because of its size and its distance from the sun, Titan has been able to retain an atmosphere.
  6. The countries which are already sent more that 50 000 immigrants in the last five years will not be able to sent new immigrants to USA.
  7. No country is able to get more visas that 7% of the total visa amount.
  8. Velamen A layer that surrounds the aerial roots of epiphytic plants (eg, orchids) that, due to the spongy nature of the cells, is able to absorb surface water .
  9. But keep in mind that without an external antenna, you may not be able to get a very good teletext reception.
  10. Add a close link of client and server to be able to do with this type of form, not credit, the user consults extremely the data of come-and-go.
  11. They were able to achieve a settlement without using military force.
  12. Therefore, Endacott emulated the unwanted achievement of Andy Goodway in 1999 by not being able to win a trophy for Wigan.
  13. She was able to control the respect of the class.
  14. What happens if the administration of the system has not been able to update the last leaks of the system or as a shorter experience or simply a certain speed?
  15. What is deceptive is the idea that Bush will be able to retreat to the background.
  16. If the gene is transmitted to a son, he may suffer from hemophilia, and be able to pass on the gene to his offspring.
  17. The silver ingots presage the savings that you will be able to make.
  18. Under Kendall’s able direction, they made a fortune.
  19. During the following season he played in David Garrick’s company and wrote a farce, The Apprentice, which, produced at Drury Lane in 1756, was so successful that he was able to repay his debts and retire from the stage.
  20. Although they believed he was helping them to collect telekinetic power, he was actually maneuvering events to be able to use the telekinetic powers of Luke Smith to crash the Moon on Earth.
  21. Then he was able to use the TARDIS base code to help transport the Earth to its original position in space.
  22. However, those of Jacobo Cu├ętara will not be able to commit even the slightest error in the quarterfinals (6:30 p.m.), if they do not want to be surprised by a Liberbank Cuenca, that in its premiere in a final phase, wants to exhibit maturity, that the group stage of the EHF Cup has already allowed him to reach this course.
  23. Only the extraordinary Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee) seems able to overshadow him in the race for his second MVP.
  24. “We have to ask a companion of the company to come and cover us to be able to meet our needs,” said the 57-year-old man.
  25. We were able to investigate our relationship in a way that would not have been possible without the film in between, “replies Lallana Mayor.

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