Use Abandon in a Sentence


Use Abandon in a sentence. How to use the word Abandon in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Abandon.

Definition of Abandon

1. To give up wholly; forfeit.

2. To leave; desert; forsake.

3. A giving up of self-control


4. To yield to feeling or impulse.

Examples of Abandon in a sentence

***Abandon all hope.

***to dance with abandon.

***He used the word “scum” and such with gay abandon.

***Maybe you like to dance with abandon in the privacy of your own room.

***Abandon ship!

***All hands, abandon ship!

***Don’t abandon me!

***We must abandon ship.

***Would you abandon me?

***They abandon their children.

***Where did you abandon them?

***You can’t abandon Donald.

***I won’t abandon you.

***Why did you abandon me?

***Obama wouldn’t abandon Diana.

***I will never abandon you.

***Why did Donald abandon me?

*** Only two ways open to us: either we accept their offer or we completely abandon the struggle.

*** Donald decided to abandon the new rules instead of accepting them.

*** Of course, withdrawing from the evidence of the existence of the twentieth century does not mean that one wants to abandon their many comforts.

*** He intensely pressured Souvanna to abandon neutrality.

*** He has to abandon part of his contemporary behavior and accept the older patterns that prevail in the majority of the congregation.

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