Idioms With Die and Meanings

List of idioms with the word Die and the meanings. Idioms about Die and expressions

1.very effective in acting against someone or something.

*** This road is terribly bumpy. It’s death on tires.

*** The sergeant is death on lazy soldiers.

2. [with something]accurate or deadly at doing something requiring skill or great effort.

*** Jay is death on curve balls. He’s our best pitcher.

*** The boxing champ is really death on those fast punches.

1. (for someone) to die by disease or old age rather than violence or foul play.

*** I hope to live to 100 and die a natural death.

*** The police say she didn’t die a natural death, and they are investigating.

2. (for something) to fade away or die down.

*** I expect that ali this excitement about computers mil die a natural death.

*** Most fads die a natural death.

to go down fighting; to die in some fashion other than in bed; to die fighting. (A cliche popularized by Western movies. The villains of these movies said they preferred death by gun-shot or hanging to dying in bed.

*** I won’t let him get me. I’ll die in my boots.

*** He may give me a hard time, but I won ‘t be overcome. I’ll fight him and die mth my boots on.

1. to meet one’s death laughing—in good spirits, revenge, or irony.

*** Claire is such an optimist that she’ll probably die laughing.

*** Mike poisoned his rich aunt who then died laughing because she had taken Mike out of her will.

2. to laugh yery long and hard.

*** The joke was so funny that I almost died laughing.

*** The play was meant to be funny, but the audience didn’t exactly die laughing.

1. to die of emotional distress.

*** I was not surprised to hear of her death. They say she died of a broken heart.

*** In the movie, the heroine appeared to die of a broken heart, but the audience knew she was poisoned.

2. to sufler from emotional distress, especially from a failed romance.

*** Jay and Gloria broke off their romance and both died of broken hearts.

*** Please don’t leave me. I know I’ll die of a broken heart.

to suffer from boredom; to be very bored.

*** No one has ever really died of boredom.

*** We sat there and listened politely, even though we almost died of boredom.

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