Idioms With Die and Meanings, Along with Example Sentences


List of idioms with the word Die and the meanings. Commonly used idioms related to “die” and their meanings along with example sentences.

Idioms With Die and Meanings

Idioms About Die

  1. “To kick the bucket” – This means to die. Example: “He was an old man and had lived a full life, but it was still sad when he finally kicked the bucket.”
  2. “To bite the dust” – This means to die or to be defeated. Example: “After a long battle with cancer, he finally bit the dust.”
  3. “To meet one’s maker” – This means to die and face judgement from a higher power. Example: “After a long life of doing good deeds, he was ready to meet his maker.”
  4. “To be on one’s deathbed” – This means to be near death and close to passing away. Example: “She visited her grandmother on her deathbed and said her final goodbyes.”
  5. “To die a natural death” – This means to die from natural causes, such as old age or illness. Example: “He died a natural death at the age of 96.”
  6. “To die a painful death” – This means to die from a painful illness or injury. Example: “The fire was so intense that he died a painful death from smoke inhalation.”
  7. To die a quick death” – This means to die suddenly and with minimal suffering. Example: “He was in a car accident and died a quick death.”
death on someone or something

1.very effective in acting against someone or something.

  • This road is terribly bumpy. It’s death on tires.
  • The sergeant is death on lazy soldiers.

2. [with something]accurate or deadly at doing something requiring skill or great effort.

  • Jay is death on curve balls. He’s our best pitcher.
  • The boxing champ is really death on those fast punches.

die a natural death

1. (for someone) to die by disease or old age rather than violence or foul play.

  • I hope to live to 100 and die a natural death.
  • The police say she didn’t die a natural death, and they are investigating.

2. (for something) to fade away or die down.

  • I expect that ali this excitement about computers mil die a natural death.
  • Most fads die a natural death.

die in one’s boots

to go down fighting; to die in some fashion other than in bed; to die fighting. (A cliche popularized by Western movies. The villains of these movies said they preferred death by gun-shot or hanging to dying in bed.

  • I won’t let him get me. I’ll die in my boots.
  • He may give me a hard time, but I won ‘t be overcome. I’ll fight him and die mth my boots on.

die laughing

1. to meet one’s death laughing—in good spirits, revenge, or irony.

  • Claire is such an optimist that she’ll probably die laughing.
  • Mike poisoned his rich aunt who then died laughing because she had taken Mike out of her will.

2. to laugh yery long and hard.

  • The joke was so funny that I almost died laughing.
  • The play was meant to be funny, but the audience didn’t exactly die laughing.

die of a broken heart

1. to die of emotional distress.

  • I was not surprised to hear of her death. They say she died of a broken heart.
  • In the movie, the heroine appeared to die of a broken heart, but the audience knew she was poisoned.

2. to sufler from emotional distress, especially from a failed romance.

  • Jay and Gloria broke off their romance and both died of broken hearts.
  • Please don’t leave me. I know I’ll die of a broken heart.

die of boredom

to suffer from boredom; to be very bored.

  • No one has ever really died of boredom.
  • We sat there and listened politely, even though we almost died of boredom.

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