Horror Story, Ghost House, Tennessee Demon


Do you want to read a good horror story? Here is a spooky horror story about Farmer John Bell and his family.

Horror Story : Ghost House – Tennessee Demon

Farmer John Bell and his family move to a remote house outside of town. From the moment they move into the house, they encounter interesting events. They begin to hear voices as if someone is trying to enter through the door. But there is nothing or no one they can see. But as time progresses anything to break into the house succeeds. Everyone in the house senses that something terrible is entering the house, but cannot see it. With this thing entering, they hear the flutter of wings, the click of mice, and sounds as if the claws of wild animals are waving. Horrified household members cannot understand what is happening.

Being Slapped by an Unknown Entity

These voices and the unidentified presence trying to break into the house continue to frighten farmer Bell’s family. One day, Betsy, 13 years younger than the little girls in the house, wakes up screaming. Because she was in her bed, and a being she couldn’t see had slapped her fiercely, she. But things don’t stop there. Other children in the house are also constantly disturbed by something invisible over time. Unable to understand what happened, the Bell family cannot tell anyone about these events. But one day they get fed up and they decide to tell the town’s priest, being afraid of what to do.

The Priest and the Exorcism

The priest organizes an exorcism to get rid of the awkward situation in the house. But this ritual is useless. Moreover, the strange power in the house is even more enraged. It also became more pronounced as time went on.


His voice, which had previously sounded like bubbling, had now turned into whispers and some words. These whispers blasphemed the holy book, the Bible. The father of the house said that Bell would also die and go to the grave. One day, this invisible and frightening force attacked farmer Bell. The household had to call a doctor. The doctor also gave a medicine to heal the wounds after the examination. but with this it soon turned into a very dark liquid and became useless.

The doctor was aware of the situation, but was suspicious of Betsy. Father Bell, who was getting worse day by day, finally died. At the funeral, this terrible presence was heard again and said that he would come again exactly seven years later. As he said, when he came after seven years, he disappeared, saying that he would not come again and would not be seen for 107 years.

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