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Babe Ruth; (1895-1948), American baseball player. A powerful man, he hit 714 home runs during 22 seasons in the major leagues, a spectacular feat that revolutionized the game. Ruth was born in Baltimore, Md., in Feb. 6, 1895. He learned to play baseball at St. Mary’s Industrial School in Baltimore, where he was sent when he was seven years old. He began his professional career with the Baltimore team in the International League in 1914, but before the close of the season he was sold to the Boston Red Sox of the American League. He became a notable left handed pitcher, but because of his prowess as a hitter he frequently was played at first base or in the outfield to insure his presence in the lineup. In 1919 he hit 29 home runs, regarded then as a remarkable feat. On Jan. 3, 1920, he was sold to the New York Yankees of the American League for $125,000.

Babe Ruth

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In his 15 years with the Yankees, where he usually played right field, he dominated professional baseball. His lefthanded slugging, always aiming at a home nın, became the universal fashion, displacing the strategy of finesse. Although many followed his style, no one during his era approached his record of 714 home runs. He also hit 15 home runs in the 10 World Series in which he participated. He hit more than 50 in four different years; his peak was 60 in 1927. His lifetime batting average was .342. During his career he set or tied 76 batting or pitching records.

He was the greatest crowd attraction in baseball, and the highest paid player of his time. His tap salary was $80,000 a year in 1930 and 1931. He left the Yankees after the 1934 season and shifted to the National League, playing brielly with the Boston Braves in 1935 and ending his activity as a coach with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1938.

Statistics cannot describe Ruth’ s impact on baseball. His thunderous hitting captured the publıc’ s imagination and restored its faith in the professional game, which had been severely shaken by the “Black Sox ” World Series scandal of 1919. In 1936 he was one of the first players chosen for the baseball hall of fame.


Ruth was a tall man with a massive chest and shoulders and remarkably slender legs. His best weight was 215 pounds. His engaging simplicity and his theatrical gestures endeared him to millions. He was a bomb actor and struck out with as lusty and magnificent an air as he hit a home run. He was idolized particularly by children and returned their feelings warmly, often visiting hospitals with cheering words and gifts of autographed baseballs. A few years before his death in New York City on Aug. 16, 1948, he established the Babe Ruth Foundation for underprivileged children, and bequeathed a large part of his estate.

Babe Ruth Impact

Babe Ruth had a significant impact on the sport of baseball and American culture in general. Here are a few ways in which he made an impact:

  1. Revolutionized the Game: Babe Ruth’s style of play revolutionized baseball. He was known for his incredible power hitting and aggressive base running, which changed the way the game was played.
  2. Enhanced Popularity of Baseball: Ruth’s popularity was a major factor in the growth of baseball in the 1920s. His ability to hit home runs and his larger-than-life personality made him a favorite among fans and helped to make baseball the national pastime.
  3. Broke Records: Babe Ruth set numerous records during his career, many of which stood for decades. He was the first player to hit 60 home runs in a season and finished his career with a record 714 home runs. He also held the record for the highest career slugging percentage for many years.
  4. Celebrity Status: Babe Ruth was one of the first athletes to become a true celebrity. He was known for his flamboyant lifestyle, which included drinking, smoking, and eating a lot. He was also a regular in the tabloids and was often seen in the company of Hollywood stars.
  5. Cultural Icon: Babe Ruth’s impact went beyond the sport of baseball. He became a cultural icon, representing the American Dream and the possibility of achieving greatness through hard work and talent. His legacy continues to inspire athletes and fans around the world.

Babe Ruth Legacy

Babe Ruth’s legacy is one of the most enduring in the world of sports. Here are a few ways in which he left his mark:

  1. Greatest Baseball Player: Babe Ruth is widely regarded as the greatest baseball player of all time. He set numerous records during his career, many of which stood for decades, and his style of play revolutionized the game.
  2. Cultural Icon: Ruth’s impact went beyond baseball. He became a cultural icon, representing the American Dream and the possibility of achieving greatness through hard work and talent. He is still widely recognized and celebrated today, nearly a century after his career began.
  3. Records: Babe Ruth set many records during his career, including the record for the most home runs in a season (60) and the highest career slugging percentage (.690). His record for career home runs (714) stood for nearly 40 years, until it was broken by Hank Aaron in 1974.
  4. Impact on Baseball History: Babe Ruth’s impact on baseball history is immeasurable. He helped to popularize the sport, making it the national pastime, and his style of play and records set the standard for generations of baseball players to come.
  5. Charity Work: Babe Ruth was also known for his charity work, particularly his support of children’s hospitals. He helped raise millions of dollars for charity during his career and was known for his generosity and kindness off the field.

Overall, Babe Ruth’s legacy is one of greatness, both on and off the field, and he will always be remembered as one of the greatest athletes in history.

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