Examples of Short Essays, 3 Short Essay Examples On Different Topics


Below are three brief essays to analyze. The first essay talks about the importance of reflecting about the dangers of climate change.

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The argument is simple, the main concept is defined, its consequences are analyzed and finally, it describes why more serious actions should be taken to avoid this phenomenon. The second example refers to the death penalty. A simple analysis that questions the effectiveness of this sanction. The third and last essay focuses on analyzing euthanasia, the arguments for and against it. To learn more about the theory of the essay, you can read the article about the types of essays or analyze a more extensive essay example.

Essay example on global warming

The phenomenon of global warming must be a matter of concern for the governments of all countries. What is this phenomenon and why is it serious? It is about the increase of the average temperature, in the whole planet. This includes the terrestrial atmosphere and that of the oceans.

There is enough scientific evidence to show that the temperature is increasing, and that, most serious, the result of this increase is man and his multiple activities that have only deteriorated the environment. Climate change and the greenhouse effect are not consequences of nature. It is the result of the disproportionate activity-of the human being destroying, precisely, that nature.


Technology advances in gigantic steps, in most disciplines of human science. But has this progress been beneficial to take care of our home? Why is not the production, for example, of electric and ecological cars promoted on a larger scale? There is, in simple words, a clear lack of will on the part of business groups and also on the part of governments.

While all this panorama continues, due attention will not be paid to global warming and its multiple consequences on the environment.

Essay example on the death penalty

It is known that the death penalty has been applied since ancient times in different civilizations. Capital punishment was always used based on two arguments: as a form of punishment for the criminal and, at the same time, as a way of preventing other crimes.

Could it be said that such punishment is truly justified and that crime really decreases? One of the reasons why you should rethink the usefulness of this measure is access to the legal system. It is affirmed that those with less economic capacity would have less possibility of having a good defense in the trial and therefore, with a high probability of being sanctioned with this capital punishment.

The global statistics on the application of the death penalty compared with its possible impact on the reduction of crime has not shown convincing results that can prove with certainty that this sanction hinders the commission of crimes.

Essay example on euthanasia

A very controversial issue is whether a person has the right to terminate or not his own life. The World Medical Association defines euthanasia as follows:

“The deliberate act of ending the life of a patient”. That right to live is a human right. Who has the right to say when that life should end?


The most logical answer is simple. Each one owns his own health and, therefore, is in his power to decide if he self-inflicts damage or if he ends his existence.

The position in favor of “assisting the patient” if he wishes to end his life can be summarized in a single idea: freedom. The patient’s freedom to be able to make the decision not to stop their suffering.

Those who argue against argue that human life is inviolable and that euthanasia is equivalent to assisted murder. They also affirm that life must be preserved, despite the conditions in which the person’s health is found.

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