Does Intelligence or Hard Work Lead to Success?


First of all, what do we mean when we say success: When we say success, the written grades given to us by academic teachers are considered success.

These grades are for homework, oral, written, etc. If any of these grades are low, we cannot be considered successful.

According to some studies, academic achievement has been found to be positively related to intelligence. A student must have a normal level of intelligence in order to be able to receive and process the taught information easily and to acquire the targeted skills easily. However, we cannot say that students with above-average intelligence are at a much more advantageous point in achieving success. To give an example from business life, while 9-5 employees cannot buy any white-collar Rolls-Royce, a smart person can only work with this car and this car, even with pajamas. He can easily meet his needs, which are expensive and luxurious like cars. As a matter of fact, this kind of expensive, luxury and material that any middle person cannot afford, requires not only being smart, but also working hard. But when I say hard work, I don’t mean hard work, I mean smart hard work.

Does Intelligence or Hard Work Lead to Success?


How did you work while doing the work?

There are some people who think that hard work is ingenuity. People in society do not look at how you work, but what the results are. There are certain phrases that many successful people say when giving advice. Usually these are phrases: Follow your dreams, follow your dreams, work hard to achieve them, your competitors He works many times more than you do etc… Working here is smart work. Otherwise, if there is a place to go to achieve success in the branch you are dealing with, it is not just about going there and sitting down.

Those who are smart can start life with a zero lead, but a person who works smartly can close the gap in any way, no matter how smart they are, and even make a difference. Instead of saying, “He’s smart, he’ll do it”, instead of saying, “He’s smart, he’ll do it”, instead of wasting time right after keeping his mentality and establishing a clever plan. If you start to implement the plan you have made, people will say to you that he is smart, he did not do it, he worked hard, he broke himself and finally succeeded.

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