Use Around in a Sentence

Use Around in a sentence. How to use the word Around in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Around.

Definition of Around

Examples of Around in a sentence

*** The community grew around a mission station established in 1861.

*** The city is built around the state capitol building, which is situated on a sloping terrace in a park containing trees and plants from all over the world.

*** By closing the dark curtains, the server created a romantic atmosphere around our table.

*** After years working from nine to five in a boring job, he left to go around the world.

*** There we learn that a walrus was called a walrus in 1655, but that as an animal it was known much earlier and appeared with other names in the writings of Alfred the Great around 893.

*** It took around 4000 packages and was displayed at the London Zoo.

*** Around them, the darkness was absolute, the silence oppressive.

*** I have the abscess of the urethra, the rectum and the perineal bladder or around connective tissue inflammation, clearance.

*** Around this time, he also wrote some comics for Aardvark-Vanaheim.

*** The cat was baffled until he learned his way around the new house.

*** If wandering around the stores does not appeal to you, perhaps using a catalog does.

*** From Sunday to Tuesday, it will be cloudy with occasional drizzles in the west and northwest areas, especially around the coasts and hills.

*** What were the circumstances of / around your death?

*** There are many complexities around this issue.

*** A snake was twisting around his arm.

*** The snake coiled around the branch.

*** A snake coiled around the branch.

*** There is a growing demand that the United Nations intervene in trouble spots around the world.

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