Who is Carl Trumbull Hayden? (American Legislator)


Who is Carl Trumbull Hayden? Information on American legislator Carl Trumbull Hayden biography, life story, works.

Carl Trumbull Hayden

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Carl Trumbull Hayden;(1877 – 1972), American legislator, who served in the House and Senate for a total of 56 years, 10 months, and 17 days, an all-time record. He was born in Hayden’s Ferry (now Tempe), Ariz., on Oct. 2, 1877. After graduating from the Normal School of Arizona at Tempe in 1896, he attended Stanford University. From 1900 to 1904 he was in business. He was a member of the Tempe town council (1902-1904), treasurer of Maricopa county (1904-1906), and county sheriff (1907-1912). During World War I he was commissioned a major of infantry.

Upon Arizona’s admission to the Union in 1912, Hayden, a Democrat, became the state’s first representative in Congress. He served from 1912 to 1927. In 1926 he was elected to the U. S. Senate, serving from 1927 until he retired in 1969. In Congress, Hayden championed measures promoting irrigation of arid lands and federal aid to highways. He was chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee (1957-1969) and of the Joint Committee on Printing (1949-1952; 1955-1969) and served on the Rules and on the Interior and Insular Affairs committees. He was Senate president pro tempore, 1957-1969; when there was no vice president, 1963-1965, he was second in line for presidential succession. He died in Mesa, Ariz., on Jan. 25, 1972.

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