What Does Numbers Mean In A Dream? Dreams About Numbers Interpretation


What is the interpretation of dreams about numbers, phone numbers or a particular number? Meaning of dreams about numbers.

Meaning of Dreams About Numbers

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Meaning of Dreams About Numbers

How many times have you dreamed even with phone numbers? Let’s see what it means to dream about numbers, what it means to dream about a particular number, the meanings that numerology assigns to numbers from 0 to 9 and the meaning that is created with this combination of numbers.

We often dream that we are playing the lottery and that we win, but in most cases it is a matter of luck or coincidence. The numbers are often linked to events and conditions that we live in reality.

Understanding what may be behind one can help you better understand external situations, life situations that may be affecting us. Our subconscious communicates through numbers.

Dream of the numbers from 0 to 9

Meaning of NUMBER 0: certainly indicates the beginning of something. A project or idea that you had forgotten but that you are still trying to achieve.


Meaning of NUMBER 1: the active person who has already begun to implement a project or idea. This number is the true beginning of something.

Meaning of NUMBER 2: duality, yin and yang, sweet and bitter, good and evil. When you dream of this number, it indicates that there is another person in real life that you already know and that you will have to deal with. Maybe it’s a character struggle or because this person is against those ideas.

Meaning of NUMBER 3: the third is perfection. It is not uncommon for a woman or a man in a couple to dream about this number and before long know that she is pregnant. It indicates the past, present and future in relation to our existence. It can also mean coming changes or the desire for renewal.


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Meaning of NUMBER 4: indicates stability and perfection. It is certainly a positive number, which indicates the ability to make good decisions.

Meaning of NUMBER 5: movement is the key word of number 5. The 5 fingers with which we can do everything, but also the novelty in love can relate to this theme in a dream.

Meaning of NUMBER 6: free will, the possibility that we may have, the options we can make. The die has 6 faces, as well as the Star of David. We can dream precisely to take a new path and make it different.

Meaning of EL NUMBER 7: A magical number that brings luck and honors, as well as deserved successes.


Meaning of NUMBER 8: This number is often related to justice and decision making. This dream may indicate the search for an inner balance, perhaps lost due to external events. It can also mean favorable and unexpected changes.

Meaning of NUMBER 9: the end of a cycle (9 months of pregnancy). You are prepared to close some type of project and start another. You have reached the end of a period of a cycle.

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