What Does Alligator Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Alligators


What does it mean if you dream about alligator? Interpretation of dreams about a run away from an alligator, calm alligator, “making friends” with an alligator and dream about an alligator feeding.

What Does Alligator Mean in a Dream? Meaning of Dreams About Alligators

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Dreaming of an alligator allows us to have different interpretations . In addition to the way this reptile appears in the dream and the variety of its species, its historical symbology also influences. First of all, the alligator is an animal present since the oldest civilizations. Since then, it has become a symbol of many peoples and beliefs.

The Aztecs, for example, believed that the alligator was the origin of the world. On the other hand, for the Greeks, he represented death. On the other hand, for Chinese culture, the alligator is a symbol of harmony.

Dreaming of an alligator: general ideas

In principle, one of the alligator dream interpretations allows us to refer to the idea of ​​maturation and awareness. Therefore, the presence of this reptile in a dream indicates that our unconscious wants to show us the need for clarification. In other words, it is time to analyze certain attitudes and choices. Some of them will have to be set aside for a change to take place in our lives.

In this way, dreaming of an alligator is a sign to identify behaviors inherited from the family. That is, habits, addictions, values ​​and beliefs. Therefore, it may be time to review those behavioral patterns that perhaps no longer serve you.


Letting go of beliefs you carry from your crib is not an easy task. In this sense, it also indicates a great challenge, as it takes courage to face new experiences.

After knowing that there are several possibilities of interpretation, learn about some situations that help to detail what a dream with an alligator means.

What does it mean to face an alligator in a dream?

Facing an alligator bodes well. After all, it shows your self-development. The courage to deal with this animal reflects your posture in this process of maturation and cycle change.

Run away from an alligator

Running away from an alligator in a dream points to the opposite. You may be having a hard time dealing with this transition in your life. Feelings of confusion and a sense of chaos may be present at this time.

Dream about alligator and other people

The people who are in your alligator dream can evidence the changes you need to make. By analogy, the characteristics and attitudes you need to let go of.

To dream that the alligator is agitated

The alligator is not the type of animal that gets agitated often. This scenario represents emotions and behavioral reactions that can surface in you in a powerful way.


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Dream about a calm alligator

If the alligator acts naturally, calmly, that’s a good thing. It means that the process you are going through, of awareness and maturation, is less chaotic, with no threat to your safety.


Dreaming of “making friends” with an alligator

Other ways in which the alligator appears in a dream can indicate different meanings of this process of detachment and maturation. For example, dreaming that you are touching an alligator. This kind of dream is something that everyone craves. It portends that you will earn a lot in the long run.

Yellow alligator dream

To dream of a yellow alligator shows your fear and hesitation in a certain situation. Going through some change brings discomfort at first, but it is something necessary that offers new opportunities. Don’t let anxiety and insecurity get in your way.

Dream about an alligator feeding

On the other hand, dreaming that an alligator is feeding can be a warning of danger of death. Avoid taking ill-calculated and unnecessary risks.

Dream about baby alligator

This dream bodes well. It indicates that you have the wisdom and agility to get out of a suspicious situation.

Alligator eye dream

Watch out! Such a dream is a warning to falsehood. You need to be more careful with people who inspire you with positivity . They can be false and perverse.

Alligator in the mud

To dream of an alligator in the mud is a warning of betrayal. A person close to you will feel like cheating on you soon.

When the alligator in the dream becomes food

To dream that you are eating alligator meat is a good omen. It means that you have overcome your fears and you have a feeling of victory.


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Being attacked by an alligator in the dream

Having this kind of dream can cause some excitement, right? But the more intense your dream about an alligator, the better the meaning. To dream that you are attacked by an alligator indicates the beginning of a prosperous moment.

Alligators Fighting

Contrary to what it seems, alligators fighting in a dream is not about any chaotic situation. On the contrary, it symbolizes your success in all fields of your life, such as the possibility of making more financial gains. It is the best phase for you to invest in several areas, such as study and work.

In conclusion, dreaming of an alligator reminds us of our inner strength. Letting go of the past, family beliefs, society’s judgments and facing new challenges is not an easy process. But it is worth moving forward to recognize yourself individually in the world.


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