Valentines Day for Singles – The romantic festival of Valentine’s Day is….


The romantic festival of Valentine’s Day is very much awaited by those in love but feared by singles!

So much is the publicity about the festival that some singles are even depressed by not having a couple several days before the festival when they see the stores decorated with sweets, chocolates and flowers to attract the lover. Sometimes the feeling of isolation becomes so strong that many singles tend to “hate Valentine’s Day,” the day that is really meant to celebrate love.


Many single men and women go so far as to call Valentine’s Day a ‘Bachelor Awareness Day’. This is because they feel that the day strongly reminds them of their independent status and not having someone to spend the day in a romanticized and popularized way. The initials of the day ‘S-A-D’ reflect your state of feeling depressed and unloved.

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But walk-ins should keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is not just to be celebrated by couples involved romantically. The festival is celebrated to express love to anyone to whom we are closed. Therefore, we can celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends, brothers, parents, grandparents, teachers or anyone who has made a difference in our lives with their affection and support. We must seize the opportunity of the Valentine’s Day festival to express our love and gratitude to all the people we love. And what better way to do it than saying with a gift of roses, chocolates and beautiful cards.


Singles can make the most of Valentine’s Day by spending the day in the company of those they love or surrendering themselves with something luxurious. Here are some tips and ideas on how singles can celebrate Valentine’s Day in a charming and memorable way:

Valentine’s ideas for singles


Buy yourself cute Valentine’s Day gifts that could be flowers, a cute stuffed animal or a dress you’ve been planning to buy for a long time. Singles can also afford to go to spa or beauty treatment from head to toe. Enjoying books, CDs and gourmet meals can be a good way to enjoy the day for some.

Freak out with friends

Plan a dinner or movie with the best friends. You can also organize a “singles party” or a “non-Valentine’s Day party” at your house and have a good time. You will know that life is fun in the company of loving friends.

Service acts

Singles can spend Valentine’s Day in a meaningful way by spending time with the needy and oppressed. You can visit an orphanage or a nursing home and spend time with the inmates who always need love and affection. Visiting hospitals and giving roses to the sick can also be a moving way to experience bliss on Valentine’s Day.

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Express gratitude to friends and loved ones

Instead of feeling depressed and embarrassed about not having another important person to spend the day, singles can spend Valentine’s Day in a constructive way by expressing love and affection for the people around them. One can thank and greet Valentine’s Day to his parents, friends, colleagues, neighbors or anyone he loves.

Think positive

Singles can make the most of Valentine’s Day, thinking positive and fighting the Valentine’s Day blues. One should not spend the day sulking about not having a spouse or being loved to spend the day in a happy way.

Focus on the relationship plan

Singles can focus on their relationship plan on Valentine’s Day and prepare for healthy and lasting relationships. One can take the help of dating and marriage sites to find a mate. Also make a list of what you can do to improve your personality. He may be developing a healthier and more positive approach to life or working towards diet, health and physical appearance. Take the measures you consider vital to improve your relationship possibilities. Make some resolutions for yourself and comply with them.

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