Use Yesterday in a Sentence, How to use “Yesterday” in a sentence


Use Yesterday in a sentence. How to use the word Yesterday in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Yesterday.

Use Yesterday in a Sentence - How to use "Yesterday" in a sentence


Examples of Yesterday in a sentence

  1. Yesterday, three of our boats were fighting whales rather a long way from the Annabelle.
  2. I was talking to you yesterday about the motives of action.
  3. Why, I saw her only yesterday.
  4. I tell you I saw her yesterday.
  5. I found it yesterday down by the ice pond.
  6. I told you yesterday, that air may be compressed by force, while water cannot be.
  7. Hunting for hired assassins: 7 policemen seized by hired killers from accountant David Wilson arrested six men and one woman yesterday.
  8. Stretch the alternate hands, even more than yesterday!
  9. Even in another statement from the Secretary of the Presidency released yesterday, transfers the responsibilities of effecting a criminal complaint to the Ministry of Defense.
  10. Says the statement published on the website of the Presidency yesterday afternoon.
  11. The letter was released yesterday at noon by the program “Things on your site” Radio Sarandí.
  12. They replied that the difference was great: yesterday they had nothing that was good, today nothing that was bad.
  13. Jehovah gave Israel a saviour, so that they went out from under the hand of the Aramaeans (Syrians), and they dwelt in their tents as yesterday and the day before.
  14. Life today, God yesterday, what does it matter?
  15. I have come to tell you,” she said, “that you are in as much danger as you were yesterday.
  16. You see that you make no impression upon me, either by your gold yesterday or by your beast today.
  17. I received yesterday in the morning your letter of the 19th of this month.
  18. I saw that square wall yesterday, and I could not imagine what it was for.
  19. I was eighteen the day before yesterday.

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