Use Year in a Sentence – How to use “Year” in a sentence


Use Year in a sentence. How to use the word Year in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Year. Sentence for Year.

Year - Sentence for Year - Use Year in a Sentence


Examples of Year in a sentence

  1. *** A year later, Donald’s book was on sale in the bookshops.
  2. *** But this year, the bad weather has started early.
  3. *** Can amblyopia manage a 10-year-old child?
  4. *** Production in the United States totals about one billion pounds (453.6 billion grams) a year.
  5. *** The death toll from all types of accidents averages around 100,000 a year in the U.S.
  6. *** This year our company started to gain a lot.
  7. *** Winners are announced between April and July of the year following the drawing.
  8. *** Each person can make one application in one year.
  9. *** In a year, 1920, the year that Amelia fell in love with flying, fifteen airmail pilots died.
  10. *** Lee is currently the president of the Hong Kong Chapter of the American Institute of Architects this year and a professional accredited by LEED.
  11. *** in 1956, Monmouth College accredited by the state to offer four-year programs leading the baccalaureate degree.
  12. *** Last year, the SEC submitted a proposal that is becoming too easy to be an accredited investor, so they submitted a proposal to raise the level of wealth to $ 2.5 million.
  13. *** Washington’s conservative commentator, Patrick Buchanan, 58, is a perennial contender as he pitched losing deals in 1992 and this year.
  14. *** A serious contender for the Vibes album of the year.
  15. *** It is unlikely that we will produce surpluses this year.
  16. *** This was the first all-weather, year-round road connection across the Alps between France and Italy.
  17. *** The line is expected to handle around 2 million tons of cargo each year.
  18. *** Railways transport millions of tons of cargo each year.
  19. *** This year, the city decided not to renew its contract.
  20. *** At the end of each month, the cost accountant will issue a cost statement to reflect the cumulative cost situation of the current month and year.

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