Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Horse


Do you believe in the Chinese horoscope? What does horse mean according to the chinese zodiac sign? How is the horse description in the Chinese zodiac sign?

Chinese Zodiac Characteristics of the Horse

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The Chinese Horoscope Horse

  • Chinese Name of the Horse: Ma
  • Horse influence time: between 11:00 and 13:00 in the morning
  • Horse Year Season: Summer
  • Month of Influence of the Horse: June
  • Element of the Horse: Fire
  • Ascendant: Horse Ascendant
  • Appearance of the Horse: yang
  • Horse Stone: Beryl
  • Planet of the Horse: Mars
  • Horse Color: Green
  • Sign of the equivalent zodiac: Gemini
  • Compatible with the Horse: The Tiger and the Dog
  • Horse Personality
    Kind, enthusiastic, independent, intelligent, creative, optimistic, strong, assertive, talkative, talented, cheerful, active, eloquent, adventurous, versatile, playful, cheerful, lively, free spirit …

Characteristics of the Horse according to the Chinese Horoscope

Horses are the nomads of the Chinese horoscope, they go from one place to another, from project to project, they need movement and open spaces; they can not resist the inner call of their free spirit and their unstoppable search for independence and freedom. Sociable and somewhat runaway, it is launched without reflection but with determination towards its objectives, it needs to achieve success in order to feel fulfilled. Talkative, cheerful and friendly, stands out in any meeting, attracts attention to him seeking applause and approval.

Use any strategy from telling jokes, be funny or highlight any defect of those present; which could be worth a look of reproach that ignored without guilt. Sometimes it is difficult to bear, under his apparent diplomacy hides a selfish and intolerant personality.

At work is driven by the enthusiasm of the moment, needs immediate results, little patience loses interest quickly and changes their attention to other goals. He does not like dependencies, he must seek to work on his own and be his own boss, not have commitments, with unforeseen situations, a lot of movement and improvisation, changes and trips.

The horse is bright, intelligent, acts with haste without missing opportunities, knows how to achieve success. He is very loquacious but he has difficulty listening, he does not know how to keep confidences, he acts irresponsibly but without bad intentions. Happy in absolute freedom craves affection and intimacy, but love makes them feel trapped. In romance he has sex appeal and seduction. Sensual, elegant and refined; look for the intensity of the emotion; he gets drunk with his seduction and words of love, but he gets tired easily, loses attention showing his oscillating character between passion and selfishness. In love it requires attention and you have to be willing when he requires it.

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