Use Will not in a Sentence, How to use “Will not” in a sentence


Use will not in a sentence. How to use the word will not in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word will not. Sentence for will not.

Use Will not in a Sentence - How to use "Will not" in a sentence


Examples of will not in a sentence

  1. You will not have any problem with the entrance test, it is an absolute breeze.
  2. I received a gift from him, but I will not accept it.
  3. His thinking has ossified as he grew up; He will not accept new ideas.
  4. You simply will not accept the committee’s decision.
  5. This is also true for religion, although you will not find me saying this in print.
  6. In France, a woman will not fall asleep until she has talked about matters of state with her lover or her husband.
  7. In many cases, you will not be sure, particularly if this is your first experience with regression therapy.
  8. The search will not return Members who reside in other cities of the Member’s country.
  9. If you spell the Handle incorrectly, you will not find the Member’s Profile you want.
  10. You will not lose homeland’s citizenship rights when getting chance to be a citizenship of USA after five years.
  11. 11 – However, it will not do so indefinitely.
  12. 12 – Thrushes are a protected species so you will not find them in any menu.
  13. 13 – In England, thrushes are a protected species so you will not find them on any menu.
  14. 14 – But private franchisees will not have the same range of unwanted positions to offer their unwanted workers.
  15. 15 – Do not be so ponce! Lift the spider, it will not hurt you!
  16. 16 – The world will not intervene to stop these disputes.
  17. 17 – But this will not do us any good unless we have the right primary and secondary education.
  18. 18 – But it is also stipulated that propagating the good in an obviously exaggerated manner will not be confirmed by giving false and misleading information if this behavior does not disorient the related public.
  19. 19 – Article 30 Children will respect the marital rights of their parents and will not interfere with their parents’ marriage or in the post-wedding life.

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