Use Were in a Sentence, How to use “Were” in a sentence


Use were in a sentence. Sentence for were. How to use the word were in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word were. How to use “were” with example sentences.

Use Were in a Sentence - How to use "Were" in a sentence


Examples of were in a sentence

  1. Dove’s early “abstractions,” such as Pagan Philosophy (1913; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York), were followed by more representational works in the 1920’s.
  2. Her collected works were published in two volumes by her niece, Lucy Aikin, in 1825.
  3. Three incomplete novels, his major works, were published posthumously, against his wishes, by his friend Max Brod: Der Prozess (1925; Eng. tr. The Trial, 1937); Das Schloss (1926; Eng. tr. The Castle, 1930) ; and Amerika (1927; Eng. tr. America, 1938).
  4. All the early Irish setters were red and white.
  5. Some of the constitutional reforms that he proposed before World War II were adopted by the Fifth Republic.
  6. They were eloquent, and possessed a keen and bitter wit rather than outstanding originality of thought.
  7. The temperature of the coils and the velocity of the airflow were balanced to maintain the desirable humidity for the printing process.
  8. There were magnificent views of the surroundings.
  9. If there were a collapse of law and order, the army might be tempted to intervene.
  10. More than a hundred pottery sherds were recovered from the wall.
  11. We were in a tin cup on top of a broken wall?
  12. The samples were analyzed by XRD and SEM.
  13. At the beginning of the 20th century, attaitudes and the environment of many foreign offices were changing quite rapidly.
  14. These were the first long journeys that were not marked by the scourge scourge.
  15. A landslide also blocked the Cedar River southeast of Seattle, he said, and officials were considering evacuating residents from the area.
  16. Some panels of the fence were missing.
  17. The boxes were made of heavy bolted metal panels.
  18. Batteries for torches were recharged from the wind generator and solar panels, as was the radio battery.

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