Use Watering in a Sentence, How to use “Watering” in a sentence


Use Watering in a sentence. How to use the word Watering in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Watering. Sentence for Watering.

Use Watering in a Sentence - How to use "Watering" in a sentence


Examples of watering in a sentence

  1.  Watering must be done only with rain water, since orchids will not tolerate the lime deposits in tap water.
  2. In the winter, reduce watering sharply and stop fertilizing completely.
  3. After blooming, place the plant in a slightly cooler room with the same amount of light, but reduce watering somewhat.
  4. Watering and spraying must be done with tepid water.
  5. This plant may be grown outdoors from early June and will in that period need more watering.
  6. Then reduce the watering and fertilizing, and stop completely.
  7. Use tepid water for watering.
  8. Reduce the watering in the fall, which is the resting period, but don’t let the soil dry out.
  9. Like most plants, the Cordyline rests in the winter and watering should then be reduced.
  10. He is watering your horse, perhaps, at a well by the road-side as you are traveling.
  11. From these were derived the canals of irrigation, first the large, then the small, and lastly runnels like those in Greece for watering the fields of millet.
  12. The house was placed near the brook, in order that Albert might have a watering-place at hand for his horses and cattle when he should have stocked his farm.
  13. But they had been delayed by Mrs. Parkman’s desire to go to Brighton, which is a great watering place on the coast, not far from Dover.
  14. But first go and fill up the hole you made for the pond with the earth that is in the wheelbarrow; and when you have made your garden and moved the flowers into it, I advise you to get the watering-pot and give them a good watering.
  15. And there is a great watering place on the sea shore, not far from this, I believe.


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