Use Victory in a Sentence, How to use “Victory” in a sentence


Use Victory in a sentence. How to use the word Victory in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Victory. Sentence for Victory.

Use Victory in a Sentence - How to use "Victory" in a sentence


Examples of Victory in a sentence

  1. Be part of carrying world flags in Victory Service.
  2. The alternative with them was victory or destruction.
  3. Education is the ultimate way to get victory over all the personal and social problems.
  4. Excited by their victory, the Trojan soldiers, headed by Ascanius, now turned their course toward the main body of the Rutulian army.
  5. Others still were practicing with darts, or bows and arrows, or javelins; either to test and improve their individual skill, or else to compete with each other for victory or for a prize.
  6. Cadmus immediately attacked the dragon and slew him, and then tore his teeth out of his head, as trophies of his victory.
  7. You want the pleasure of a victory, not the pleasure of acquiring knowledge.
  8. It is better to lead from behind and put others ahead, especially when you celebrate victory when good things happen.
  9. The victory put the whole city excited with enthusiasm.
  10. Nineteen years earlier he had gloriously defended the Ottoman Turks for a tremendous victory at the Battle of Lepanto, but nevertheless he had lost Cyprus, the greatest possession of the republic.
  11. Only after his naval victory in 1184 over the duke of Pomerania, however, did the Wendish threat finally subside.
  12. Entering Lima in victory, Cáceres was declared president (1886-1890) by the Peruvian congress.
  13. Besides many technical articles, he wrote several books, including Victory Through Air Power (1942).
  14. Daughter of An or Enlil, she was identified with the planet Venus, and as a war goddess overcame the mountain god Ebeh, most likely a reference to a victory over the steadily encroaching Semites.
  15. His victory over the Ionians had brought him to the throne.


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