Use Version in a Sentence – How to use “Version” in a sentence


Use Version in a sentence. How to use the word Version in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Version. Sentence for Version.

Use Version in a Sentence - How to use "Version" in a sentence

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Examples of Version in a sentence

  1. I just didn’t expect an acoustic version of Rock’n’Roll All Nite.
  2. Carat character is used to indicate subscript in this text version.
  3. The version of the movie they showed on television is quite tame.
  4. Automobile posits that naming the Ford version might be a sticky wicket.
  5. Kushi DEX is forked version of most trusted exchange uniswap.
  6. Our version of occam thus contains only the essential core needed to write simple programs.
  7. Despite the numerous differences, it was still in essence a direct-injection version of the older Diesel Turbo engine.
  8. Thus no syntactically correct program in our restricted version occam can contain an execution error.
  9. One of the commissioners remarked that her oath being upon a Catholic version of the Bible, they should not consider it valid.
  10. Throughout the 98 version releases that WordPress has gone through since 2003, it has morphed from a simple blogging tool to a rather capable CMS.
  11. It is available in a Java installer version, RPM and Debian packages, gzip/bz2/zip bundles that can simply be unpackaged in the target directory, and a source tarball that can be built from scratch.
  12. The current implementation of NFS Version 4 makes use of Kerberos (RFC 4120) as its underlying security mechanism to achieve authentication, privacy, integrity, and non-repudiation.
  13. She then laid her hand upon the New Testament, which was near her, of course a Catholic version, and called God to witness that she had never plotted herself, or joined in plots with others, for the death of Elizabeth.
  14. She rejoined that it ought to be considered the more sacred and solemn on that account, as that was the version which she regarded as the only one which was authoritative and true.


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