Why Was The Invention of The Telescope so Important


The Telescope, which is an invention with which we can watch the stars, the sun and the moon, attracts everyone’s attention. … What is the history of the telescope? Why is the invention of the telescope so important?

telescopic mirror

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The universe has always been a great mystery for the Man who has sought, over the centuries, to explain natural phenomena and the composition of the space that surrounds it. In this, he has been very useful some instruments that were invented by true pioneers of science, as is the case of Galileo Galilei that at the beginning of the seventh century gave rise to the telescope and thus founded the essential basis for the development of astronomy , the scientific discipline that deals with the study of all the stars that are in the universe, in that space that Man has tried to unveil his great mysteries.

The telescope, as an indispensable instrument for astronomy is basically a cylinder that can be of different sizes and that contains a lens inside which can be directed to different planes to observe towards the sky. Of course, not all telescopes are the same. For example, there are small telescopes in size and with a medium-range lens, which are toys for those children who are curious to observe the space and thus can observe some nearby stars and decipher the different constellations.

On the other hand, astronomers by profession use telescopes that allow them to reach the observation of much farther stars and even to see them with greater definition and thus observe details that at the naked eye overlook, because simply, the human vision, as well as the The lens of the toy telescope is limited to reach the vision up to a certain distance, and thus makes it impossible for man to see what is beyond that reach.

Therefore, the telescope as a human invention is important as soon as the same man begins to elaborate his own instruments that complement the functions of the own body. Otherwise, the discovery of new planets, stars and nearby galaxies would not have been possible.


In many cities there are astronomy centers, often known as “observatories” that allow people who attend such places to use some astronomical instruments, including telescopes. Many of these centers open their doors on special occasions, even at night, such as when there are eclipses of the moon or the sun, or when you can see the passage of a comet. In this way, people are allowed to observe properly different astronomical phenomena.

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