Use Usual in a Sentence, How to use “Usual” in a sentence


Use Usual in a sentence. How to use the word Usual in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Usual. Sentence for Usual.

Use Usual in a Sentence - How to use "Usual" in a sentence

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Examples of usual in a sentence

  1. It’s the usual boring secretary job: a bit of typing and some introduction.
  2. A 60-piece orchestra replaces the usual rock’n’roll accompaniment of the child.
  3. Therefore, here I must warn you that there is a serious discrepancy between the usual intuitive notion of acceleration, the one you know when driving a car and the one we are going to use.
  4. While in the hands of the party to whom it is made, or for whose benefit the accommodation is given, such paper is open to the defense of lack of consideration, but when received by third parties in the usual course of business, it is governed by the same rules as other paper.
  5. Giving the cold shoulder to his usual drink, Ian Knight lifts his cup of coffee to Drinkwise Day.
  6. The Usual Suspects star was looking at four years in prison, but his advocates managed to hash things out with the state officials and he did not have to serve a jail term.
  7. There are three hours in each session, according to the usual arrangement, making one hundred and eighty minutes, which, divided among fifty, give about three minutes and a half to each individual.
  8. She had expected that even something nicer than usual would be necessary to compensate her for her past sufferings.
  9. When the two combatants had approached each other, they paused before commencing the conflict, as is usual in such cases, and surveyed each other with looks of anger and defiance.
  10. Here, after the usual ceremonies of introduction were performed, they delivered the message which Æneas had intrusted to them.
  11. At length, as usual in such cases, indications gradually appeared that both sides began to be weary of the contest.
  12. After the usual preparations the conflict began; but, as frequently occurs in such cases, it was not long confined to the single pair of combatants with which it commenced.

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