Use Traditional in a Sentence – How to use “Traditional” in a sentence


Use traditional in a sentence. How to use the word traditional in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word traditional.

Use Traditional in a Sentence - How to use "Traditional" in a sentence


Examples of traditional in a sentence

  1. *** Traditional songs with piano accompaniment.
  2. *** In 1995, he bought a traditional Ottoman house with a patio in Urfa, a city of almost half a million people, to use as a base of operations.
  3. *** Its title is equivalent to the degrees awarded by traditional accredited schools through its professional organization.
  4. *** The traditional arts of Subsaharan Africa are understandable only in their cultural context.
  5. *** The traditional arts of Africa were associated with the betterment of man’s state.
  6. *** As noted, the arts served beneficial, reinforcing roles within the traditional cultures.
  7. *** Compared to the traditional regression method, the interval integral and the artificial neural network have a better capacity for generalization.
  8. *** Personal writings of traditional law to the theory of legal or non-transferable norms have been behind the pace of social development.
  9. *** This beer has been made using traditional methods.
  10. *** Inside, the decoration is elegant and traditional, the soft color scheme creates a relaxing atmosphere.
  11. *** the most demanding diners can try the traditional Biltmore food like gulf shrimp and crab claws on ice.
  12. *** These picturesque boats are maneuvered through the crowded waterways of London by the traditional cockney seafarers with their striped sweaters and ribbon boats.
  13. *** The rules incorporate more traditional experience in the handling of situations such as coups and vouchers of alternative carriers.
  14. *** Poverty is exacerbated because traditional alternative sowing and grazing in some regions of ethnic minorities coexists with the government’s extension system and environmental protection policy.
  15. *** Does varicocele use traditional Chinese medicine to manage well?
  16. *** Does traditional Chinese medicine administer a law?
  17. *** Does traditional Chinese medicine have chronic quinsy to administer a law?
  18. *** Bai Xianyong’s particular personal life experience, his sentimental nature and traditional Chinese literary aesthetic visions imbue his fictional creations with a dense sentimentality.
  19. *** Many support activities used traditional social work skills and were indistinguishable from many social work practices.

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