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Use These in a sentence. How to use the word These in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word These.

Definition of These

Examples of These in a sentence

*** From these beginnings, aerial photography has become one of the archaeologist’s most valuable aids.

*** Many regionally accredited schools, employers and government agencies, however, will not accept credits from these schools.


*** Aerial photographs Aerial photographs are often a useful way to begin to approach these historical landscapes and urban landscapes.

*** These are good tactics: it is reinforcing actions that directly compete with unacceptable behavior.

*** These may include site plans, satellite images, aerial photographs, geophysical surveys, as well as maps.

*** The leaders of the Air Force and the Army met on June 30 to analyze the development of a new concept of joint operations of unmanned aerial systems and maximize the contributions that these systems provide to the joint forces in the field.


*** These images enlarged to a scale of 1: 100 000 provide information complementary to that of conventional aerial photographs.

*** The agreement recognizes that there is a substantial equivalence of the programs accredited by these signatories.

*** These benefits, which were derived from inflation, far outweighed their disadvantages, such as the increase in the prices of equipment and other working capital.

*** These ten are among the incarnations of Vishnu, the supreme god.


*** All these incarnations took place in the Satya Yuga, or Golden Age.

*** These delivery orders are issued under a contract modification previously announced in an indefinite contract of existing indefinite delivery.

*** These articles, defined and undefined, now increase the specificity of the lexical meaning of nouns.

*** But Chinese state-owned companies seem less able to exploit these assets.


*** These items are surplus to the requirements.

*** The central volutes intertwine and a tendril and foliage break the line of the abacus between these and the angular volutes.

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