Use Success in a Sentence – How to use “Success” in a sentence


Use Success in a sentence. How to use the word Success in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Success. Sentence for Success.

Use Successful in a Sentence - How to use "Successful" in a sentence

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Examples of success in a sentence

  1. Lyly’s success provoked imitation by Thomas Lodge and Robert Greene, but the popularity of the style proved brief.
  2. There is no absolute success in the world, only steady progress.
  3. Public support is a prerequisite for the success of this project.
  4. The main prerequisite for success is old, clean water.
  5. Lemuel Ayers had a great success producing and designing Kiss Me, Kate. He wanted to produce this as a musical. I got the job. It was a professional score …
  6. But he received an impulse from the success of the cult style of Góngora in poetry.
  7. His first major success was the operetta A Waltz Dream (1907).
  8. Then it became a great commercial success and seasonal awards, and that’s why the Peanuts specials are still being produced more than 50 years later.
  9. I pray for your success and prosperity, happiness and smiles, today and always.
  10. The Falcons women’s basketball teams had recent postseason success.


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