Use Strange in a Sentence – How to use “Strange” in a sentence


Use Strange in a sentence. How to use the word Strange in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Strange. Sentence for Strange.

Use Strange in a Sentence - How to use "Strange" in a sentence


Examples of strange in a sentence

  1. I am sure that many writers have these strange little habits.
  2. Here, the four powers had forged zones with strange shapes between the rubble and the devastation left by the Allied bombing.
  3. Remember that strange lists are the most popular here, so you can get ahead with a strange list.
  4. It may seem strange that I should speak so seriously of God’s forgiveness for such a trifle as that.
  5. The mother thought it very strange her little boy should so often transgress, when he knew what to expect from such a course of conduct.
  6. “O father!” exclaimed Rollo; Nathan and James laughed, and Rollo’s mother looked up from her work to listen to this strange apostrophe.
  7. The children were musing a minute upon these strange effects, when Rollo asked if anything else would happen.
  8. The children all paused to reflect upon the strange results which their father had told them would ensue from a suspension of the earth’s attractive force.
  9. By a strange misconception the nobles in Mazanderan assume the name Div as a title of honour.
  10. The citadel of Ecbatana is said to have had seven walls, and, however strange this may appear, religious no less than military motives might have led to that number.
  11. He must never omit to perform the five daily duties–the offering to the saints, the gods, the spirits, the ancestors, and the strange guests.
  12. A strange race shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will destroy the pride of the Philistines.
  13. Moreover, it would be strange that a colony of Babylonia, which was under the supremacy of that country, should make its protecting god a deity different from that worshipped in Babylonia.

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