What Is The Importance Of Bees? Why are bees important?


Why are bees important? What is the importance of bees for nature and human life, and what is the place and role of bees in nature?


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Surely many of us are accustomed to using different sweeteners to our meals, modifying the taste especially hot drinks, being the custom of preparing a delicious coffee or cappuccino and applying as many tablespoons of sugar as we like, to make it much more pleasant to our palate.


But there are those who do not prefer to use so much sugar in their diet, but use substitutes, mostly known as sweeteners, having its use as a replacement for offering a lower caloric content, which gives the possibility of being included in the strict diets where it is It is necessary to avoid the consumption of certain ingredients or their dosage in order to lose weight.

If we do not have any problem with it, but anyway we seek to replace it, what we can do is include a good dose of Honey, being the most important product elaborated by the bee workers, who feed on products that they themselves elaborate on a Nectar and Pollen obtained from different species of Floral Plants, being the most concentrated product known as Royal Jelly (because it is the food of the Queen Bee within its community known as Beehive)


Source: pixabay.com

This is not the only benefit that we will have from the Bees, but they also occupy an important place in the world of Nature, carrying out the necessary transport that is part of the process of Pollination of the flowers, which later allows the plants to be able to manufacture their Seeds themselves in the process of reproduction of plant species.


This is done by the time that the honey bees make their flight to the blooms of the different plants, perching on them and making the pollen particles are incorporated into their legs or body, and in the passage to another flower these they are deposited in them, generating this process while these insects seek their food.

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