Use Should be in a Sentence, How to use “Should be” in a sentence


How to use the word Should be in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Should be.

Use Should be in a Sentence - How to use "Should be" in a sentence

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Examples of Should be in a sentence

  1. From the fall to the spring, the pomegranate has a resting period; fertilizing should be stopped and watering reduced.
  2. All human beings should be vaccinated.
  3. Preferably, a chair of the sort depicted should be used.
  4. In the weeks following delivery, the mother should have an abundance of sleep and should be insulated from disturbing influences or situations.
  5. The plant should be kept in a cool place during this time.
  6. The chestnut-colored coat should be flat and silky with little or no wave, but with feathering at the upper ear, the backs of the legs, the underparts, the tail, and between the toes.
  7. Brand awareness should be emphasized too.
  8. Although in most instances pain over the chest is not caused by the heart, it should be reported to a physician.
  9. If symptoms continue, a doctor should be called.
  10. In the winter, the plant should be placed in a cooler room that always gets sunshine.
  11. Watering should be substantially reduced and fertilizing stopped.
  12. The plant should be kept in a bright place, at a temperature of 78° to 80° F (26° to 27° C), and it must be fertilized regularly (about once a week).
  13. Its white flowers are quite large and very fragrant.
  14. During the winter, which is the resting period, watering should be reduced and fertilizing stopped.
  15. This plant needs lots of light but should be protected from the hot noon sun.
  16. Adult plants should be cut back at this time and the cuttings may be kept for propagation.
  17. From spring to fall, fertilizer should be applied every 15 days.
  18. Three-quarters of the bulb should be planted in a rich but porous soil.
  19. Bulbs should be planted in March or April.
  20. Because it grows fairly slowly it should be watered with caution at the beginning of the growing period.


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