Use Refer in a Sentence, How to use “Refer” in a sentence


Use Refer in a sentence. How to use the word Refer in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Refer. Sentence for Refer.

Use Refer in a Sentence - How to use "Refer" in a sentence


Examples of Refer in a sentence

  1. It is misleading to refer to the principle as an “energy theorem”.
  2. They ought to refer all cases which they can not easily manage to my care.
  3. I refer to the rights of the committee, or the trustees, or patrons in the control of the school.
  4. In my episode about the reasons for embracing parenting later in life, I specifically refer to the importance of making self-care a priority.
  5. By this I mean to refer only to the completeness of the _system_ as a system of organization.
  6. I do not refer at all to the internal management of these institutions; this last is, of course, a field for immediate and universal effort at progress and improvement.
  7. The circuit of 22½ miles may, therefore, refer only to the whole extent of the citadel and city of Ecbatana, and it would then come near the statement of Diodorus, who puts the circuit of Ecbatana at 250 stades.
  8. At certain passages it is shown how a part of these plainly and another part obscurely refer to Brahman, though even the latter refer to it as a being worthy of divine reverence; another part of the passages in the Veda point to Brahman as something beyond our knowledge.
  9. The three steps are explained by the Mahabharata as the earth, the air, and the heavens; other explanations refer them to the light of the sun at morning, noon, and evening.
  10. Thus their legend could place the artist Dædalus, the discoverer and pattern of all art-industry, beside Minos, and refer to Minos the ordinances of the cities.
  11. I do not refer to those roads which, originating in the nursery, have led to the depths of theology or to the heights of moral discourse.

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