Use Proxy in a Sentence, How to use “Proxy” in a sentence


Use Proxy in a sentence. How to use the word Proxy in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Proxy. Sentence for Proxy.

Proxy in a Sentence
Examples of Proxy in a sentence

  1. This is called being married by proxy.
  2. This authority was called a proxy.
  3. I shall, therefore, represent the trapper by proxy.
  4. Absentee ballots may be cast by proxy or by mail.
  5. He meets her usually on the frontiers; and there she sees him for the first time, after having been married to him some weeks by proxy.
  6. Realtracker’s new Proxy feature lifts the veil of proxy surfing by assigning a tracking number to each new visitor’s browser.
  7. Using a proxy server with a supercluster topology is convenient because you do not need to manually edit and manage a static route configuration file.
  8. Suffolk, as was stated in the last chapter, was appointed to act as the king’s proxy in this case, for the performance of the first of these ceremonies.
  9. He wrote in the greatest trepidation, urging “the lads” to come away immediately, leaving a proxy behind them, if necessary, for the solemnization of the marriage.
  10. They sent back orders that the proxy should not be used, and the match was finally abandoned, each party accusing the other of duplicity and bad faith.
  11. The beautiful princess was married by proxy to a man in another kingdom, whom she had never seen, or, at least, never known.
  12. Rollo could not be made to consent, himself, to kiss King Charles’s foot; and, finally, the difficulty was compromised by his agreeing to do it by proxy.
  13. In Virginia, for instance, the voter may vote by proxy by appearing at the oifice of the registrar of elections until five days before the election and fiil out a ballot.
  14. That hungry ogress was willing to be fed by proxy, as it were, and, permitting the little minnow to swallow the fly, she promptly swallowed both.


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