Use Processes in a Sentence, How to use “Processes” in a sentence


Use Processes in a sentence. How to use the word Processes in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Processes. Sentence for Processes.

Use Processes in a Sentence - How to use "Processes" in a sentence


Examples of Processes in a sentence

  1. My view is that business processes are at the heart of determining capabilities.
  2. Below are five examples of marketing processes where automation can bring immense benefits.
  3. University processes may support policy, workplace agreements, relevant legislation by mapping day to day activities and tasks to be performed by staff.
  4. Are events or processes the ontological basis for a satisfying philosophical account of action and agency?
  5. Like other movements belonging to the artistic vanguard, the political and social processes had great influence.
  6. It was just your mental processes I was wondering about.
  7. Hopelessly, but with her eyes like blue skies, her cheeks like apple-blossoms, the May Girl tried to justify her mental processes.
  8. Institutional processes address the legal and institutional framework for the application of ecosystem management.
  9. Let him ascertain, also, what progress they have made in arithmetic how many can readily perform the elementary processes, and what number need instruction in these.
  10. Almost the whole consists of a few simple processes, such as planting, hoeing, picking cotton, &c., and this is to be performed on smooth, even land, where set tasks can be easily assigned.
  11. The manner in which these processes are performed is in general terms as follows:
  12. There are other modes besides the processes of animal life by which the reserved force laid up by the vegetable process in these unstable compounds may be released.
  13. The processes of vegetation are the chief means employed for effecting the original separations, by the power of the sun, and for forming the unstable compounds by which this power is held in reserve.
  14. These processes may go forward, not while he sits on a hotel porch and broods over his troubles, but while he camps, explores, fishes, hunts and forgets his disabilities.

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