Use Own in a Sentence, How to use “Own” in a sentence


Use Own in a sentence. How to use the word Own in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Own. Sentence for Own.

Use Own in a Sentence - How to use "Own" in a sentence


Examples of Own in a sentence

  1. Judging from the roughly 200 scattered lines that survive, this was a bitterly satiric comedy that contrasted Athenian politics of the days of Pericles with the degenerate politics of Eupolis own day.
  2. Finally, the president launched his own suggestion, which the committee was eager to accept.
  3. He was too bloated by his own importance, too blinded by vanity to accept his verdict on him.
  4. Each African society, however, has refashioned these elements in its separate literature according to its own cultural and personality dispositions.
  5. Like his other dramas, The Father depicts a love-hate relationship inspired by Strindberg’s own experience.
  6. Dealing with his best prints and drawings with appropriate quotations from his own writings, this reveals many of his sources.
  7. In her own writings she went considerably beyond the Biblical Song of Songs or even the Hindu devotional language in her descriptions.
  8. Using other people for their own benefit is immoral.
  9. When we bought our house, we made our own transfer instead of using a lawyer.
  10. Much of the time we are reacting with unwanted stress because we are afraid of damaging our own concept of ourselves.
  11. As the 20th century matured, newspapers became more corporate and less committed to their own communities.
  12. The Committee did not lack its own doubts about the lack of cohabitation as a prerequisite for prosecution for marital rape.
  13. You can customize the behavior of the asynchronous server and, therefore, change the brand by defining its own set of commands to invoke services.
  14. The arrogance of PPR to rush into a sector so far from its own world of trade in wood, cheap furniture, book sales, consumer credit and African car dealers has increased credulity.
  15. The book inevitably reflects my own interests and experiences.
  16. The fact of the matter is that the Greeks and the Romans used to celebrate the harvest season with their own forms of music, parades and meals.
  17. As I describe them, however, now, most of the teachers into whose hands this treatise may fall will probably find that their own experience corresponds, in this respect, with mine.

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