Use Neighborhood in a Sentence, How to use “Neighborhood” in a sentence


Use Neighborhood in a sentence. How to use the word Neighborhood in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Neighborhood. Sentence for Neighborhood.

Use Neighborhood in a Sentence - How to use "Neighborhood" in a sentence

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Examples of neighborhood in a sentence

  • In my neighborhood there is a baby boom.
  • We look for the missing child in the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Others could lead to some major arguments in the neighborhood.
  • In that neighborhood of New York, we were all ethnics.
  • Several of us, taking our alpenstocks, explored the neighborhood again.
  • Police routinely search for illegal drugs and stolen guns in the neighborhood, Dotson said.
  • She recently purchased a brand-new home in the Los Angeles neighborhood for $6 million.
  • But it wasn’t long before most of the neighborhood had taken notice of Jake’s morning jogs.
  • Is the erection of a public building going forward in the neighborhood of your school?
  • Crothers and I scouted a bit in the neighborhood, but we discovered nothing of the lodge’s missing tenant.
  • The surrounding buildings were burning too, and the streets in the neighborhood were piled up with furniture and goods which the wretched inmates of the dwellings had vainly endeavored to save.
  • It so happened that there was a standing feud between the boys of his neighborhood and those of another situated a mile or two from it.
  • Homeowner Carlette Duffy wanted to refinance her home in a historically black neighborhood just outside downtown Indianapolis.
  • A conscientious clergyman of the neighborhood sent an account of the case to London, to the queen’s ministers, stating the facts, and urging the queen to order an investigation of the affair, but nothing was ever done.
  • “I was in the car with my mother, and suddenly she started shaking, I did not feel as scared as the other one when I was inside”, said Jessica Weston, editor of the Ridgecrest Daily Independent, who heard an explosion in a neighborhood mobile homes (motorhomes).


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