Use Makes in a Sentence, How to use “Makes” in a sentence


Use Makes in a sentence. How to use the word Makes in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Makes.

Use Makes in a Sentence - How to use "Makes" in a sentence


Examples of Makes in a sentence

  1. Robomatch makes the process of finding that special someone practically automatic.
  2. Joining enables Guests to contact all Members and makes the search process much more user-friendly.
  3. The raindrop makes a hole in the stone, not by violence, but by the fall.
  4. His friendly and cordial approach makes eating easy to swallow.
  5. Fiber makes smoothies healthier than fruit juice alone.
  6. That said, I do not believe that plastic should be used outside of headphones to control unwanted resonances or that its inertia makes it an excellent material.
  7. According to its supporters, the atmosphere formed by the diffuse light of the candle makes this aromatherapy diffuser perfect for the bedroom, the desk or the bathrooms.
  8. The atmosphere of the restaurant makes you feel that you are dining in the dining room of an old friend.
  9. It makes small cedars tremble, as with delight.
  10. Watching movies makes their lives picturesque.
  11. THE NEXT time a sentimental movie makes you cry, accuses your serotonin levels.
  12. Its color makes the moth indistinguishable from the branch on which it rests.
  13. Its color makes the moth not distinguishable from the branch on which it rests.
  14. The mordant comedy of the play makes it more convincing.
  15. It is this power that makes him such a convincing figure.
  16. Factual and forensic evidence makes the suicide verdict the most convincing answer to the mystery of his death.
  17. Because the placement of the data in a non-refined baseline makes the difference seem more convincing.
  18. “Indemnified” means any person who makes a claim for compensation under this Article and each Affiliate of the Indemnified.
  19. Here we present the average subtraction of Cepstral based on glottal information (GIBCMS), which makes use of glottic characteristics in noise environments.
  20. And the circuit to move the eyes to the left makes the mental subtraction.
  21. It makes a lot of sense, just add and subtract, but nobody calculated the tracking speed in the equation.
  22. Zollner’s illusion makes the parallel lines look divergent by placing them on a background of zigzag stripes.

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