Just in a sentence

Use Just in a sentence. How to use the word Just in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Just. Sentence for Just.

Examples of Just in a sentence

1 – Just then a wave of nausea engulfed him, and he staggered like a drunken man.

2 – We do not attend anything of our just demands: not a jot or tilde we back down.

3 – The cloud formed just north of the Soviet peninsula of Kola, where there are four nuclear power plants.

4 – Just have a new trick, and a marketing strategy.

5 – A zigzag path is just our joy.

6 – The resort areas are mainly on the cays just east of Great Abaco.

*** Just as you can compose colors or shapes, you can also compose movements.

*** A “gesta” that in the case of Rioja set achieved just a week ago.

*** How cost-cost factors affect ownership In 2010, the unemployment cost factors increased to their highest level in history, just below 150%.

*** Perhaps it comes in part from the previous work of its creators in Camera Café-series which could allow a more lax continuity to be based mostly on the succession of office gags, but just before Christ suffers from insignificance and lack of a great seasonal conflict.

*** It shows a video of one of those jumps: a dozen young people with a rope ladder that passes to the other side in just twenty seconds.

*** In just four hours, a vendor with an ice cream cart has barely traveled.

*** He just wanted to say his piece before committing suicide.

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