Use Judges in a Sentence, How to use “Judges” in a sentence


Use Judges in a sentence. How to use the word Judges in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Judges. Sentence for Judges.

Use Judges in a Sentence - How to use "Judges" in a sentence

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Examples of judges in a sentence

  • Three judges unanimously confirmed the sentence.
  • But she was delighted the other judges found them as engaging as she had done.
  • The statutes authorize various officers, such as judges, justices of the peace, clerks of courts, and public notaries to take acknowledgments.
  • When Joan of Arc was captured in Compiègne in 1430, Cauchon selected and headed the panel of judges that tried her at Rouen.
  • In other contexts, ephod has been taken to refer to some kind of image (Judges 8:27; 17:5).
  • If the judges decide to bring formal charges, Mr Strauss-Kahn will stand trial for pimping.
  • Olympias professed herself willing to be tried, and appealed to the Macedonian senate to be her judges.
  • He was brought before the court to hear his sentence pronounced by the judges in form.
  • When questioned, if they seemed inclined to return evasive answers, or to withhold any information of which the judges thought they were possessed, they were taken into the torturing-room and put to the torture.
  • Thus he went on contradicting and involving himself more and more by every fresh confession, until, at last, his father, and all the judges who had convened to investigate the case, ceased to place any confidence in any thing that he said, and lost almost all sympathy for him in his distress.
  • She consequently was not bound to him by any ties of honor or affection, and felt herself at liberty to answer freely all questions which were put to her by the judges.
  • Propedius was accordingly brought to trial, and Quintilia was called upon before the judges to give her testimony.
  • Agrippina, after having, by various skillful manoeuvers, succeeded in enlisting the public officers who would act as judges in his case, caused Silanus to be accused of infamous crimes.


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