Use Intervene in a Sentence, How to use “Intervene” in a sentence


Use intervene in a sentence. Sentence for intervene. How to use the word intervene in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word intervene. How to use “intervene” with example sentences.

Intervene in a Sentence
Definition of Intervene

they are interleaved to prevent or alter a result or course of events.


Examples of intervene in a sentence

  1. I have no power to intervene in the matter.
  2. The security forces had to intervene to prevent the situation from worsening.
  3. The police generally do not want to intervene in disputes between husbands and wives.
  4. The government would not intervene in the wage negotiation of the private sector.
  5. They would not intervene against the rebels themselves.
  6. She was reluctant to intervene in what was essentially a private dispute.
  7. Eventually, the army was forced to intervene.
  8. Professionals often intervene before understanding the problem as a whole and, therefore, fail.
  9. Attacked A neighbor heard his screams but was forced to return to his home when she tried to intervene.
  10. Last week, the Soviet embassy in East Berlin even indicated that it would not intervene if the riots became uncontrollable.
  11. Hundreds of police were ready to intervene if things got out of control, but they did not.
  12. This eliminates the need for a machine operator to continuously intervene in the production process.
  13. However, this refusal to intervene practically guarantees that for-profit entrepreneurs will continue to encourage the behavior of the basic groups.
  14. The state was so reluctant to intervene in the housing market, despite its manifest shortcomings.
  15. Officials cite the need for state coherence as to when to intervene in family matters.
  16. The UN has not yet decided whether to intervene militarily.
  17. His complaint was that he was flouting the convention that the wives of the prime ministers did not intervene in the public debate.
  18. Chatichai was forced to degrade Chalerm in November after the armed forces threatened to intervene.
  19. Western democracies could have condemned their regime, but clearly they were not going to intervene to overthrow it.
  20. I would ask Congress to intervene and lead a strike.

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