Use Humorous in a Sentence, How to use “Humorous” in a sentence


Use Humorous in a sentence. How to use the word Humorous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Humorous.

Use Humorous in a Sentence - How to use "Humorous" in a sentence


Examples of Humorous in a sentence

  1. His two collections of short stories, Cuentos frágiles (1883) and Cuentos color de humo (1898), exemplify in agile and often humorous prose the developments in this genre that were part of modernism.
  2. The old woman was very humorous and enjoyed the perplexity of her right nephew.
  3. Â Beckett wrote more than 60 plays and a number of humorous works, including Comic Blackstone (1846) and Comic History of England (1847).
  4. He painted his first watercolors while humorous illustrations published in various magazines.
  5. By that time the word “sneak” conveyed an idea that was quite the opposite of humorous, and they were in position to appreciate their father’s repudiation of any intention to act as a sneak.
  6. I began now to feel that I was in truth and reality a prisoner, a fact which I contemplated before only in a humorous or make-believe way.
  7. Mr. George had another London paper which was full of humorous engravings.
  8. It was rather humorous to see all the Germans who were active in the Turkish army in one capacity or another seek safety by means of this trick.
  9. Her hat looked humorous.
  10. Her hair looked humorous.
  11. Her tattered flannel shirt was distinctly humorous.
  12. But there was nothing humorous about her set little mouth.
  13. It was a worldly face, a cold-featured, absolutely worldly face, with a surprisingly humorous mouth that warmed her nature just about as cheer fully, and just about as effectually, as one open fireplace warms a whole house.
  14. For a Play after all is only a Play, be it humorous, amorous, murderous, adulterous,–a soap-bubble world combusting spontaneously of its own effervescence.
  15. The faintly sheepish smile that quickened suddenly in his eyes, if not distinctly humorous, was at least plucky.

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