Use Having in a Sentence, How to use “Having” in a sentence


Use Having in a sentence. How to use the word Having in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Having.

Use Having in a Sentence - How to use "Having" in a sentence


Examples of Having in a sentence

  1. Having about one percent acetylene is potentially interesting from a life point of view,” says team member Jonathan Lunine of the University of Arizona in Tucson.
  2. The new technology is having an impact on aerial photography in different ways.
  3. He is accredited for having introduced this word for the first time in the language.
  4. The attorney is precluded from having any personal interests adverse to the subject matter of his relationship with the client, and he cannot obtain personal advantage from the relationship without the client’s knowledge or consent.
  5. Hardy was emphatically a pure mathematician, having no interest in practical applications.
  6. Having a decrease of a few percentage points is something that every industry experiences from time to time.
  7. BEIJING – Abalone Council Australia has designated G2 as its agency below the line in China, having convened a speech that also includes Wunderman and the national agency affiliated with BBDO, Shunya.
  8. In addition to having a valid fishing license in possession, each person must also have an Abalone Report Card and labels.
  9. Having an accountant who makes mistakes is like having a brain surgeon who makes a mistake.
  10. When the options are unemployment or a boring job, having babies may seem like the only means of self-realization.
  11. Affection is like water, so that everything is filtered pure; It makes the family flat, burning more edges; the family is poetry, so boring after having reached a kind of artistic conception. The family, the power of eternal life.
  12. He complains about having to spend time with such a boring group of geriatrics.
  13. Also, as a woman, having a group of men who know you are a clinical nymphomaniac will probably not help prevent unwanted sexual advances.
  14. He secretly hoped that fate would intervene and save him from having to know her.
  15. Maple trees are sensitive to sudden increases in sunlight, having grown up in the dark environment of taking refuge in neighboring trees.
  16. The Cincinnati Zoo is having a birthday party.

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