Use Handled in a Sentence, How to use “Handled” in a sentence


Use Handled in a sentence. How to use the word Handled in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Handled. Sentence for Handled.

Handled in a Sentence


Examples of handled in a sentence

  1. Graphics are handled especially well in the book.
  2. Why was he to be handled with such mysterious rigor?
  3. Al Anders handled Sunday morning gospel, as he had done at WCKB.
  4. In any case, handled this crisis with more poise than the previous.
  5. Being a multi-tasker, he handled more than one item at a time.
  6. It is true that Lula inherited a fiscal crisis and handled it with determination and poise.
  7. Stuyvesant put his nails upon a long-handled shovel, and Dorothy moved away one of the flat-irons, so that he could put the shovel, with the nails upon it, in among the burning coals.
  8. In these frolics, the emperor and his party were met sometimes by other parties; and in the brawls which ensued Nero was frequently handled very roughly–his opponents not knowing who he was.
  9. And James says that they have already tried catching the fishes, and found that they could do it by means of a long-handled dipper; and Lucy says that they will all be very careful not to get themselves wet and muddy.
  10. In this way Bruno perceived that the meat which he found in his house had been handled by the same man that he had barked at so many times at midnight at the foot of the pathway.
  11. The topics discussed are handled with a good degree of candor, and give in a small space much interesting information and perhaps some profitable speculation.
  12. The man was always looked upon as a hot headed and indiscreete man, and soe accordingly handled, hearing him, but never trusting him with anything but his own offered and undesired endeavours to gett the Regicides sent out of Switzerland.

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