Use Father in a Sentence, How to use “Father” in a sentence


Use father in a sentence. How to use the word father in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word father. How to use “father” with example sentences

Use Father in a Sentence - How to use "Father" in a sentence

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Examples of father in a sentence

  1. Soon after, father and mother decided to go their separate ways.
  2. His receding hairline has begun to look like his father’s.
  3. When Donald became a father, he no longer wanted to party in bars.
  4. His father was an educator and a social reformer.
  5. Most contemporary musicians talk about Martini with admiration, and Mozart’s father consulted him about his son’s talent.
  6. As the “founding father” of the American drama, Eugene Gladstone O’Neill has given the American theater a new impulse and an entirely new integrity.
  7. After his father’s death, he and his brother, John, managed the Kingsessing Gardens.
  8. His father was a retired hussar of Catherine the Great; his mother, the daughter of a French émigré.
  9. His father, a composer-conductor, did not want his sons to become professional musicians.
  10. He was a member of the House of Commons from 1696 until he succeeded to his father’s baronetcy and entered the House of Lords in 1706.
  11. Trained by his father, Pauwels, and possibly by P. C. Verbeeck and Frans Hals, he was a member of the Haarlem painters’ guild in 1640.
  12. Born in Brookline, Mass., on March 9, 1679, Boylston never attended medical school but was tutored by his father, Dr. Thomas Boylston, and a Dr. Cuttler.
  13. He was the son of the caretaker of the Imperial Academy of the Arts, where he was admitted in 1764 at the request of his father, after studying for several years at the garrison school.
  14. After the divorce, she got engaged again to Matt Bellamy, father of 7-year-old Bingham, but sadly their union didn’t last for long.
  15. Her current boyfriend, Danny Fujikawa, is the father of Kate’s youngest daughter Rani who was born last October.


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