Use False in a Sentence

Use False in a sentence. How to use the word False in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word False.

Definition of False

Examples of False in a sentence

*** False Solomon’s seal, any of a small group of perennial plants of the genus Smilacina in the lily family (Liliaceae), with arching stems arising from fleshy or creeping rootstocks.

*** If it were, Robbie Fulks would find himself an important contender, along with Ween’s false brilliance.

*** A man running in the rain, also does not want to put in the arms of the false.

*** It was found that the SVM for the regression improved the detectability of the attacks and reduced the false alarm rates compared to the AR model.

*** They made a reservation using a false name.

*** The ads were deliberately misleading and false.

*** He gave false and misleading statements to the court.

*** Starting next month, it will be a criminal offense to give false or misleading descriptions of the property for sale.

*** Give a false or misleading account of; falsify.

*** Misleading and false advertising is used as a valid means of unfair competition on the part of illegal operators.

*** But this, being a deliberative movement to impart false information, would be a reversion to the linguistic.

*** However, it is a false equation, and sometimes a very equivocal one.

*** These advertisements contained several false and misleading statements.

*** False flaxes make up the genus Camelina of the mustard family (Cruciferae) and are not related to the true flaxes (family Linaceae).

*** False Imprisonment occurs when a person is intentionally taken into, or held in, physical custody or confinement without legal cause.

*** Thus, false imprisonment would follow an illegal or false arrest.

*** In religion, a renunciation or retraction of a heresy or false doctrine.

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