Use Dynasty in a Sentence, How to use “Dynasty” in a sentence


Use Dynasty in a sentence. How to use the word Dynasty in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Dynasty. Sentence for Dynasty.

Use Dynasty in a Sentence - How to use "Dynasty" in a sentence


Examples of dynasty in a sentence

  1. The integrity of China’s system is wearing clothes in the Han dynasty established.
  2. Then the legitimate dynasty returned to the throne.
  3. Both had to establish their authority and found their dynasty.
  4. After the Spaniards under Alfonso VI of Castile and Leƶn captured Toledo in 1085, the taifas were forced to appeal for help from the Almoravid dynasty in Morocco.
  5. Xia Gui (Hsia Kuei) (c. 1180-1230), was a landscape painter under the Southern Sung dynasty in China.
  6. The first record of the breed appears in a basrelief from the Han dynasty of China, about 150 b. c., depicting its use as a hunting dog.
  7. The young monarch was the last member of the Laskarid dynasty, which had done much to restore the Byzantine Empire.
  8. At last, toward the close of the four hundred years during which the dynasty of the Silvii continued to reign over Latium, a certain monarch of the series died, leaving two children, Numitor and Amulius.
  9. With Jehu a third warrior had gained the crown of Israel by a violent hand, and a fourth dynasty sat upon the throne of Jeroboam.
  10. Sutpen’s dream of establishing a dynasty ends with his great mansion burnt to the ground and his only surviving descendant a moronic grandson.
  11. The guards have sometimes proved too strong for the dynasty that created them, and have made their own generals the real monarchs of the country.
  12. It is better to bear the evils of this state of things a little longer than to plunge the country into the horrors of civil war in attempting to change the dynasty by force before Henry dies.
  13. The country was divided into two great parties–those that favored the Duke of York and his dynasty, and those who adhered to the house of Lancaster.
  14. His movement was directed against the Bulgars, not against the King or the Dynasty: “We are neither anti-royalist nor anti-dynastic,” he declared, “we are simply patriots.”


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