Use Drew in a Sentence, Meaning, Usage, and Examples in English


Learn about the name Drew and its meaning, as well as how it is commonly used in English as both a name and a verb. This article provides 20 sample sentences that use the word “Drew” to help illustrate its usage.

Drew in a Sentence

Definition of Drew

“Drew” is typically a first name of English origin, meaning “manly” or “courageous.” It can also be used as a shortened form of the name Andrew. In some cases, “drew” can also refer to the past tense of the verb “draw,” which means to create a picture or image by making lines on a surface using a pencil, pen, or other instrument.

How is “Drew” used in English? What are the rules of use of “Drew”?

As a first name, “Drew” is commonly used in English-speaking countries as a given name for boys. It can also be used as a nickname or shortened form of other names such as Andrew, which is a more formal name.

In terms of grammar, “Drew” can also be used as a past tense verb in English, as in the sentence “He drew a picture of a tree.” In this context, “drew” is the past tense of the verb “draw,” which means to make marks or lines on a surface with a pencil, pen, or other instrument.


The use of “Drew” as a proper noun or as a verb follows the normal rules of English grammar for nouns and verbs, respectively. As a noun, it should be capitalized when used as a name, and as a verb, it should be conjugated according to its tense and subject agreement.

How to use the word Drew in a sentence?

here are 20 sample sentences that use the word “Drew”:

  1. Drew is a great name for a baby boy.
  2. He drew a beautiful picture of the sunset.
  3. She was so talented that she drew portraits of people from memory.
  4. Drew is my best friend’s little brother.
  5. The artist drew a sketch of the city skyline.
  6. He drew the curtains closed to block out the bright sunlight.
  7. Drew was the star of the basketball team in high school.
  8. She drew a lot of attention with her stunning red dress.
  9. The teacher drew a diagram on the board to explain the concept.
  10. He drew a deep breath before speaking.
  11. Drew’s parents were thrilled when he got accepted into college.
  12. The detective drew a sketch of the suspect based on witness descriptions.
  13. She drew inspiration from nature for her latest artwork.
  14. Drew is a skilled guitar player and singer.
  15. He drew the short straw and had to clean up the mess.
  16. She drew a map to help her navigate through the forest.
  17. Drew’s favorite hobby is drawing and painting.
  18. The magician drew a rabbit out of a hat.
  19. He drew a picture of his family on vacation at the beach.
  20. She drew a conclusion based on the evidence presented in the case.

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