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Use daughter in a sentence. Sentence for daughter. How to use the word daughter in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word daughter. How to use “daughter” with example sentences.

Definition of daughter

Examples of daughter in a sentence

*** Anna Freud; (1895-1982), British psychoanalyst and daughter of Sigmund Freud.

*** “The daughter of the picturesque doctor, Miss Manette.”


*** She was the daughter of Ferdinand III of Castile and Joan of Ponthieu.

*** If the gene is transmitted to a daughter, she in turn becomes a carrier, without hav-ing any symptoms of the ailment.

*** Her collected works were published posthumously by her daughter in 1695.

*** It remained in abeyance until 1691, when it passed to the grandson of the 3d Earl’s daughter Anne, Countess of Dorset.

*** This barony fell into abeyance between the descendants of his only daughter, Elizabeth, Countess of Cork and Burlington.

*** His next work, Durges-Nandini (Daughter of the Feudal Lord), was in Bengali, marking a radical departure from the prevalent belief that literary works should be written only in Sanskrit or English.

*** Of Murphy’s tragedies, less successful than his comedies, the best known was The Grecian Daughter (1772).

*** Catherine Greenaway was born in Hoxton, London, on March 17, 1846, the daughter of John Greenaway, a wood engraver and draftsman.

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