Use Daughter in a Sentence – How to use “Daughter” in a sentence


Use Daughter in a sentence. How to use the word Daughter in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Daughter. Sentence for Daughter.

Use Daughter in a Sentence - How to use "Daughter" in a sentence


Examples of daughter in a sentence

  1. Anna Freud; (1895-1982), British psychoanalyst and daughter of Sigmund Freud.
  2. He had a daughter named Europa, and several sons.
  3. “The daughter of the picturesque doctor, Miss Manette.”
  4. She was the daughter of Ferdinand III of Castile and Joan of Ponthieu.
  5. The father, when he found that his daughter had deceived him and gone away, was very indignant, and sent Cadmus and his brothers in pursuit of her.
  6. If the gene is transmitted to a daughter, she in turn becomes a carrier, without hav-ing any symptoms of the ailment.
  7. Her collected works were published posthumously by her daughter in 1695.
  8. It remained in abeyance until 1691, when it passed to the grandson of the 3d Earl’s daughter Anne, Countess of Dorset.
  9. This barony fell into abeyance between the descendants of his only daughter, Elizabeth, Countess of Cork and Burlington.
  10. His next work, Durges-Nandini (Daughter of the Feudal Lord), was in Bengali, marking a radical departure from the prevalent belief that literary works should be written only in Sanskrit or English.
  11. Of Murphy’s tragedies, less successful than his comedies, the best known was The Grecian Daughter (1772).
  12. Catherine Greenaway was born in Hoxton, London, on March 17, 1846, the daughter of John Greenaway, a wood engraver and draftsman.
  13. Agenor and Telephassa, when they found that their daughter was gone, were in great distress, and Agenor immediately determined to send his sons on an expedition in pursuit of her.
  14. Telephassa, the mother, resolved to accompany them, so overwhelmed was she with affliction at the loss of her daughter.
  15. They saw the princess Cassandra, the young daughter of king Priam, dragged away by Greek soldiers from a temple where she had sought refuge.

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