Use Courtyard in a Sentence, How to use “Courtyard” in a sentence


Use Courtyard in a sentence. How to use the word Courtyard in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Courtyard. Sentence for Courtyard.

Use Courtyard in a Sentence - How to use "Courtyard" in a sentence


Examples of Courtyard in a sentence

  1. These consisted of ornamental helmets and a Medusa on the exterior and, remarkably, more than 20 heads of dying warriors in the courtyard.
  2. They found themselves in a paved courtyard, with towers, and battlements, and lofty walls all around them.
  3. The rooms had windows only on one side; that is, on the side next the courtyard; and the doors which led from one room to the other were all near that side of the room.
  4. In the evening of 9 September, as the Entente Ministers held a conference in the French Legation, a score of scallywags rushed into the courtyard, shouting “Long live the King!
  5. While shells fell upon the outlying quarters of the town, and even into the courtyard of the Royal Palace itself, forcing the Queen to put her children in the cellar, the Entente Ministers arrived to conclude the treaty:
  6. At that time Tatiana no longer lived in the manor-house, but with one of her married sisters, charged with looking after the courtyard.
  7. To our astonishment, however, we were marched off to the Hân, or caravanserai, and locked into the great courtyard with hundreds of dirty Arabs.
  8. The black depths of the well in the center of the mosque courtyard provided doubtful water for washing, bathing, and drinking; then came breakfast,–our first government meal,–consisting, simply enough, of boiled rice, which was ladled out into tin wash-basins holding rations for ten men.
  9. As the tremendous light-play of the Eastern sunsets faded away, we would gather in little groups in the courtyard of our mosque–its minaret towering black against a turquoise sky–and talk fitfully of the little happenings of the day, while the Arabs murmured gutturally around us.

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