Use Conspicuous in a Sentence, How to use “Conspicuous” in a sentence


Use Conspicuous in a sentence. How to use the word Conspicuous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Conspicuous. Sentence for Conspicuous.

Use Conspicuous in a Sentence - How to use "Conspicuous" in a sentence

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Examples of conspicuous in a sentence

  1. Men of this latter class are conspicuous rather than great.
  2. A reminder in the form of a sign, marked “Remember the Report,” and placed in a conspicuous position in the nursery, has helped to train and direct their imagination.
  3. Inevitably, London, the largest center of mass and conspicuous consumption, dominated with its tremendous appetite.
  4. A list of these classes, with the average age of the members, the name of the teacher, and the time of recitation, is posted in a conspicuous place, and public notice is given whenever a new class is formed.
  5. On such occasions, she was very careful to have some amusing book or diverting plaything in a conspicuous part of the room, and not unfrequently a piece of gingerbread was given to solace the runaway.
  6. Pyrrhus himself was very conspicuous in the fight, for he wore a very costly and magnificent armor, and so resplendent in lustre withal as to be an object of universal attention.
  7. From being very affectionate and confidential friends, they became, as often happens in similar cases, on far less conspicuous theatres of action, rivals and enemies.
  8. Messalina herself, however, was the most conspicuous object among the gay throng.
  9. Britannicus was two or three years younger than Nero, and being the son of the emperor was of course a very prominent and conspicuous object of attention whenever he appeared.
  10. Of course Britannicus and Nero were the most prominent and conspicuous of the boys on this occasion.
  11. The inns in these country towns in Switzerland are the largest and most conspicuous looking buildings to be seen.
  12. She then put up the board in a conspicuous place upon a shelf, where the two good letters could be seen by all in the room.


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