Use Considerably in a Sentence, How to use “Considerably” in a sentence


Use Considerably in a sentence. How to use the word Considerably in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Considerably. Sentence for Considerably.

Use Considerably in a Sentence - How to use "Considerably" in a sentence

Examples of Considerably in a sentence

  1. Anjou was considerably to the westward of it.
  2. This very act of Franco’s embarrassed the woman considerably.
  3. He was a man considerably advanced in life, and of great circumspection, prudence, and steadiness of character.
  4. The latter is considerably smaller than the other two and is often placed in a genus of its own (Lophodytes).
  5. This sum was considerably more than Mary Erskine had expected to receive.
  6. He was a pupil of his father, the sculptor Gerhard Schlüter, and traveled considerably in Italy as a young man.
  7. Males are considerably larger than females, reaching about 3V2 feet (1 meter) in length, including a 15-inch (38-cm) tail, and up to 18 pounds (8 kg) in weight.
  8. Rollo soon learned the proper motion, so that his efforts assisted considerably in propelling the boat.
  9. Yet we only hear of “six princes” besides the Achæmenids, though we have seen that the number of the Persian tribes was considerably more than seven.
  10. The old customs of purity were considerably extended by the ordinances of food, the rules about clean eating, laid down by the Brahmans.
  11. But this desertion to the king of Napata added considerably to the fighting strength of the latter, and might entice him even into an attack on Egypt.
  12. If we have lost chivalry, we have acquired decency; and if we have ceased to be picturesque, we have become cleanly, which is considerably more to be desired.
  13. The majesty of the law would be in no way ruffled by his premature departure; and if I could trust that part of his story, the lives of innocent women and children would, in the other case, suffer considerably.
  14. Now the island ofCorcyra, as will be seen from the map, was off the coast of Epirus,and very near, so that the possession of it would add very considerably to the value of Pyrrhus’s dominion.
  15. The outside garment was a sort of long coat or gown, which considerably impeded the motion of the limbs.

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