Use Come in a Sentence, How to use “Come” in a sentence


Use Come in a sentence. How to use the word Come in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Come.

Use Come in a Sentence - How to use "Come" in a sentence


Definition of Come

  • move or travel to or to a place that is considered close or familiar to the speaker.
  • occur; happen; take place

Examples of Come in a sentence

  1. *** Bamboo shoots in the spring come out after the rain.
  2. *** Some of these ideas come from the writings of Captain Alfred Mahan.
  3. *** Annals nation company values all the credits that come from a client and support.
  4. *** To find out where all these victuals come from, head to the Italian market five blocks south of South Street.
  5. *** I come back with a dead birch stroke to find Tony digging movies from a snowdrift near the store.
  6. *** Whenever famous actresses come together to make a “women’s movie”, you can bet on an overload of sentimental pap.
  7. *** Facing Multiple Pain Sometimes the losses we experience come so fast one after the other that they become almost indistinguishable.
  8. *** Try to come up with a convincing and principled counterargument.
  9. *** The early potatoes should germinate inside now to come out in spring.
  10. *** It had not come from the heart of the congregation, but from behind the lights of the feet.
  11. *** Its members had virtually come out unanimously against the evidence.
  12. *** The paramilitary troops come into action, the Druids welcome the spring equinox, the Berlin Zoo welcomes a new arrival and more.
  13. *** The situation is rather like if instead of going to the zoo I had invited a small group of creatures to come to me.
  14. *** Okay, but only if you come to Sunday dinner at my house with a yarmulke.
  15. *** The impetus must come from the top.
  16. *** What he had come to suspect was that Botham no longer ran with the same threat and impetus as before.
  17. *** The impetus will have to come from the elderly.

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